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Weekly Specials
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Sizzle away the cold with some of our best Xeomin, Dysport, and Dermal Filler deals ever!

Best of all, give your New Year's Resolution a boost and get 25% off CoolSculpting.com body contouring when you come in for any procedure (consultation is free)!

Our most experienced practitioners, each with 10-17 years experience working in plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, are available for the below specials through January 26th (inclusive) unless their schedules are booked beyond capacity on any given day. To learn more about our practitioners, click on the Our Team page.

♦ Call or email today to enjoy $50 off treatment of each area with Dysport or Xeomin for a total purchase price of $200 for 1 area, $400 for 2 areas or $600 for 3 areas. Even better, if you book your next appointment for Dysport or Xeomin with the same practitioner, we'll give you $50 off per treatment of each area with Dysport or Xeomin during your next appointment as well!* Botox is at its usual low price of $250 per area.

♦ Enjoy $100 off each syringe of Restylane or Restylane Lyft. Get as many syringes as you and your practitioner agree work and look best for you!

♦ Enjoy 1 syringe of Radiesse or Belotero for just $649 (save $200), or $1099 for 2 syringes (save nearly $550)! Radiesse contains 1.5cc per syringe, 50% more than Voluma, and has the most lifting power all fillers! Belotero smooths fine lines in areas or for special cases when Botox, Xeomin or Dysport cannot and/or when the lines are not deep enough to be treated by Juvederm or a similar filler.

♦ See immediate results when you get treated with 1 Syringe Voluma XC gel, just $800 (regularly $1,250), 2 syringes for the price of one, just $1,250.

♦  Define and/or augment lips for just $649 (regularly $999) with Juvederm, just $749 with longer-lasting Vollure!

♦ Microdermabrasion + Custom Chemical Peel, expose and revitalize new skin quickly and with no downtime - Just $125. ♦

*Many of our customers who choose Dysport report earlier onset of effect than when they have used Botox and up to one month longer duration of effect, though individual results may vary. Xeomin does not contain an accessory (has no effect) protein Botox does, so is sometimes referred to by our clients as "puretox." You can read more about the differences between Dysport, Xeomin and Botox here. Please note: weekly specials are only available for the week they are advertised and with practitioners who have openings in their schedules only. They may be run again in subsequent weeks, though it is likely some will and some will not, and different practitioners will be available each week.

•Dysport contains the same active component Botox does but some differences in its molecular structure give it has some advantages over Botox. In particular:

According to studies, the effects of Dysport last 3 to 4 weeks longer than the effects of Botox, though this is not guaranteed and will vary from person to person.

Onset of the effects of Dysport is typically 2-5 days compared to onset of effect with Botox, which most commonly ranges from 5 to 14 days. However, this is not guaranteed and varies from person to person.

Dysport is less likely than Botox to produce antibodies that result in tolerance and loss of duration of effect that can occur with Botox or any neuromodulator. Thus, if you feel Botox may have stopped working as well for you as it once did, you may want to try Dysport!

Xeomin is as effective as Botox acordinging to independent studies and does not contain an unnecessary protein Botox contains so is sometimes referred to as "Puretox."