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Kybella - reduce or eliminate chin fat

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About Kybella

Kybella, which was manufactured by Kythera and purchased by Allergan, is widely regarded as an FDA-approved way to reduce or eliminate an unwanted double chin and/or neck fat.

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Before & After Pictures

Note: while the above results are typical, individual results may vary widely and the above photos do not represent a guarantee.

Kybella is administered according to your individual treatment plan. You will receive tiny injections of Kybella in the treatment area(s). Once injected, it goes to work immediately, dissolving your unwanted fat and/or double chin. Most clients report little discomfort, though this varies from person to person. Treatment with Kybella rarely takes more than 20 minutes, though this, too, varies from person to person and clinician to clinician. Clients typically see major improvement over the following 4-6 weeks after the first treatment, though 2 to 3 follow-up treatments are often required to achieve optimal results, though this differs from patient to patient and results are not guaranteed.

Kybella clients give it a 96% satisfaction rating on RealSelf.com, compared to a 72% satisfaction rating reported by RealSelf.com users for CoolSculpting. In short, Kybella wins hands down when it comes to removing double chins and stubborn neck and chin fat!