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♦♦♦We have a 5-star rating on Yelp, Google Places, Gilt City, and CitySearch and LivingSocial! We are also Allergan Black Diamond level Botox and Juvederm providers and Merz Aesthetics Ambassadors.♦♦♦

At Rejuvenation NYC,

we practice non-surgical aesthetic/cosmetic medicine only. Our practice is a Black Diamond level Botox, Juvederm, Kybella and Voluma provider, meaning our non-surgical cosmetic practitioncers are some of the best in the country. In addition to having very experienced hands and an analytical and artistic eye when it comes to determine the right treatment plan for you, through surgical trainig and expertise, they also have a solid undersanding of what goes on beneath the skin which translates to a safer and more expert treatment for you.

Morever, all of our practitioners are committed to ensuring you are comfortable with your procedure, know exactly what you are getting, and that you get the results you desire. Our practitioners include: Dr. Philip Roux-Lough, Laurie Tare, PA-C, Lauren Shanker, NP, Karen Lessing, RSN/RN and Janet Bowen-Notes, LE.

When you visit Rejuvenation NYC,

you can expect near pain-free treatment from experienced, certified professionals.

Enjoy a more refreshed and more youthful—yet natural—appearance today!

Treatment options include:

Our Philosophy

Click to watch a video of Dr. Philip describing his treatment philosophy and approach.

We believe you will look and feel your best, and get the best value over the long haul, by seeing a qualified, experienced medical professional who focuses on non-surgical cosmetic proceduers and who will listen carefully to your concerns and assess all of your non-surgical treatment options. We have seen many clients who have gone to "quickie" Botox providers only to pay more for additional treatment to correct the results of the procedures they have had performed elsewhere!

Thus, we are committed to carefully reviewing your concerns and needs, and to designing an individualized treatment plan that will safely, comfortably, and affordably achieve your aesthetic treatment goals to bring forth the best and most natural new you. Having treated both men and women extensively, we are very attuned to the distinct needs of each gender and will design a personalized treatment plan accordingly.